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  1. Any vehicle parked along any yellow curb or in an emergency turnaround area or sidewalk shall be subject to immediate towing.
  2. Vehicles that are obviously inoperative, i.e, flat tires, without current and valid inspection sticker or left for abandon, shall be subject to towing after a 72 hour notification. Notification will be a notice placed on the windshield.
  3. Vehicles without a current Fairfax County decal and without current valid tags which have not been moved in at least fourteen days shall be subject to towing after 72 hour notification.
  4. Any vehicle blocking an entrance or exit from any legitimate parking space including driveways, marked stalls, or white curb shall be subject to immediate towing.
  5. Any commercial vehicle, with exception of a vehicle which is the owner's only mode of transportation, is subject to towing after 24 hour notification.
  6. Any member of the Board of Directors of Roxbury may act to have an automobile removed from the development as the situation may warrant.